Negligence – Injuries alleged:  Closed head injury, hemiplegia (partial left sided paralysis)
Name of Case:  Preshlock v King
Court/Case no:  Wayne County Circuit Court, #96-618809 NI
Name of Judge:  Michael J. Callahan
Jury Demand:  Yes
Amount of Settlement:  $1.15 million
Date: June 11, 1997
Attorney for Plaintiff:  James M. Giffels
Attorney for Defendant:  Withheld
Name of expert: Dr. Adrian Edwards (economist)
Insurance carrier:  AAA-Auto Club Insurance
Highest offer: $1.15 million

Other useful information:  This was an automobile accident occurring on I-94 in Kalamazoo County. Plaintiff was comatose for approximately 11 days and eventually placed upon disability retirement by the United States Air Force as a result of the cognitive defects from the closed head injury. Case mediated for $1.15 million and eventually settled for that amount.

~Published in Lawyers Weekly on October 27, 1997

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