From time to time, we’re all guilty of making bad decisions. When those decisions are made behind the wheel, though, they can have catastrophic, life-changing consequences. A recent survey by AAA has shown that 87% of Michigan drivers engaged in risky behavior while driving their vehicle. While most of these decisions didn’t result in dire consequences, they are, unfortunately, one of the leading causes of auto accidents in Michigan. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the statistics reported in this AAA report and offer a few suggestions to keep you – and your passengers – safe.

Distracted driving

Nearly 70% of drivers reported talking on their cell phone while driving and, more frightening, over 40% admitted to reading text messages while driving in the past thirty days. We all know the dangers of texting and driving, which results in an estimated 3,000 deaths per year, so our advice would be to put your cell phone away, focus on the road and handle your calls, texts and emails when you arrive at your destination.

Drowsy driving

Almost one-third of drivers admitted to driving while exhausted in the last thirty days. Unable to keep their eyes open, these drowsy drivers are responsible for over 100,000 car accidents every year. Of these accidents, over 6,000 result in fatal injuries. If you have a long trip ahead of you and suspect that you may become tired during your journey, we suggest working a rest stop into your schedule or, if possible, try taking shifts with a second driver.

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