One of the most costly benefits in your no fault Michigan auto policy is Personal Injury Protection (PIP). These benefits can either coordinate with your medical insurance policy which would mean the auto insurance pays secondary or not coordinate which would mean the auto insurance pays primary. Either way, PIP benefits may cover your medical expenses, medical mileage, in-home care services, wage loss, and replacement services for things like chores and childcare.

1. Submit application as soon as you can

Submit the application of benefits for from your insurer as soon as you can. The form comes with a release that will grant the auto insurance company access to your medical records and the means to pay your medical bills.

2. Be as detailed as possible when disclosing your injuries

Do not leave any injuries out, even if you feel they are minor and will not require treatment. Injuries can often get worse over time, so even if it’s not bad now, it could be in the future. It will be difficult to get the coverage you deserve for anything that is not listed in the initial application.

3. Submit all medical expenses as they happen

You only have one year to submit any bills to the auto insurance company. Make sure you keep a copy and submit a copy of all invoices. You will also want to track any related mileage which you should be reimbursed for.

4. Get help for household chores

You can receive up to $20 a day for chores and services you would normally be responsible for at your home. This can include daily chores like dishes and laundry or childcare services. You only need a letter from your doctor confirming your need for replacement services.

5. Wage loss

You can receive up to 85% of any lost wages as a result of your injuries from an auto accident up to a maximum monthly amount that is adjusted each year. You can begin receiving your wage loss benefits by submitting a note from your doctor that shows you are unable to work. You will then be required to fill out additional forms, and submit paystubs or W2s to verify you income.

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