Recently, I receieved an email from a representative of the Sleep Help Institute. They had read one of our previous blog posts that showed lack of (or poor) sleep as a significant factor in auto accidents leading to serious personal injury. I was referred to their page on truck driver fatigue that can be found, here.  

I was astounded to learn that one in four truckers have admitted to falling asleep while driving in the past month! I don’t know about you, but as a frequent I-94 traveler, this is a concern. I-94 from Chicago to Detroit has historically been known as having the highest concentration of trucks to vehicles in the world. In other words, I-94 travelers have to contend with more large, heavy trucks than pretty much anywhere else on the planet. As the graphic from the Sleep Help Institute shows, fatigue itself is responsible for 13% of large truck crashes. 

As an auto accident attorney who handles these cases, the results of a collision with a large, heavy truck can be catastrophic. Fortunately, there were new regulations designed in 2013 that require drivers to get more sleep. Lobbying by the American Trucking Institute is under way to reverse these regulations. I would encourage that more, not less, regulations be put in place to assure highway safety. I have made my concerns known to Congressman Upton on this vital issue.

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