When you have been seriously hurt in an accident, you need a lawyer whom you can trust. Several factors must be taken into account when selecting a lawyer for your personal injury case. The US Federal Trade Commission recommends the following considerations when looking for a lawyer for your personal injury case:

Find a lawyer who has experience specifically with personal injury cases.

Often, larger law firms will have many lawyers, and you have the possibility of being handed off to another lawyer with less experience. Additionally, many law offices and lawyers specialize in a number of different areas. They still may have plenty of specialized experience in personal injury, but you will want to find out how many of the cases they work with are actually personal injury (regardless of what their title says).

Interview more than one attorney and discuss all fees and costs at your initial consultation.

Many lawyer offices offer a free case evaluation in which you can get to know the lawyer, understand his/her specific practice, and discuss fees and costs. By attending several evaluations, you’ll get a better sense of how much you’re willing to spend, how experienced each lawyer is, and how you will be treated further down the line.

Choose an attorney whom you feel comfortable discussing your case with.

Again, you’ll be able to discover this at your initial consultation. Is the lawyer inviting and considerate? Non-judgmental? If you do not feel comfortable revealing the truth and the details of the case, then your lawyer won’t be able to provide the best results. So it’s vital to pick one who you can trust.

It’s of course totally up to you to decide who you feel you can trust, but here are just a couple of quotes from clients that James Giffels has worked with in the past:

“He is an excellent lawyer, a caring person, and very sincere. After spending a full day on the trial, he won my case and I would like to publicly thank him for his generosity and expertise.” – Christy W. of Richland, Michigan.

“He worked on my case and went above and beyond to win my case. He was always keeping me in the loop of things, and he talked to me like another person. He talked to me about my case in terms that I could understand. His staff is great too. I would tell anyone looking for a lawyer to definitely call him.” –Walter L. of Portage, Michigan.

James Giffels has won many personal injury cases with more than 20 years of experience, limited specifically to people who have been seriously injured. He does not represent insurance companies or employers, which means his knowledge is specific to personal injury. Some examples of cases he covers include automobile and motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence and abuse, work injuries, boating injuries, dog attacks, and disability claims.

When you choose James Giffels as your lawyer, that is who you get. Unlike larger law firms, you will not get passed on to another lawyer. The initial consultation is always free, assuring you that you don’t have to pay a dime to find out how Giffels Law can help you.

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