If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know that it is a scary and confusing event. Aside from the worries of whether all of your passengers are okay, a flood of secondary concerns come at a rapid pace. Is your car still operable? If not, how will you get to work? Will insurance cover the damages to your vehicle? These questions can be overwhelming and often lead to actions that are detrimental to your ability to recoup any damages, losses or reimbursements that you are owed. Today, we’re going to look at a few “dos” and “don’ts” to keep in mind after you’ve been in a personal injury auto accident.

DO: Seek medical attention

If you feel that you are injured, see a doctor immediately. Symptoms can emerge days – even weeks – later. I know from experience that insurance companies will assume no medical treatment means no injuries. So . . . keep your doctor in the loop!

DON’T: Admit fault

After an accident, it’s only natural to have an apologetic frame of mind. However, assuming responsibility can irreparably damage your personal injury claim. Instead, focus on providing the police with an accurate, detailed recounting of the events and let the insurance companies assign blame.

DO: Take photos

After an accident, you should try to take as many photographs of the scene as possible. Capture the damage to your car, any injuries that you may have suffered as well as the positioning of vehicles and relevant structures. If your case goes to court, having these photographs could benefit your case by allowing your auto accident lawyer to visually recreate the event.

DON’T: Settle your case

Often, insurance companies representing the driver who was at fault for the accident will approach an injured victim and offer a settlement. When I was an insurance claims adjuster, I was trained to do this. It is never in your best interest to accept this settlement without first discussing your case with an experienced automobile accident attorney.

At Giffels Law Office, representing those who have been injured in automobile accidents is our primary focus. In fact, we are so dedicated to serving victims that we do not represent insurance companies. All of our focus is on accident victims. If you, or someone that you love, have been injured in a car accident, call us today for a free consultation.

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