Hazardous materials laws, labeling and requirements are one of the most difficult aspects of personal injury law to navigate. Because of the highly specialized chemical nature of these materials and the often delayed medical responses, many workers are uncertain about whether or not they have a case. At Giffels Law Office, we’d like to use this opportunity to educate workers about their rights and how they can exercise those rights when they feel that they’ve incurred medical expenses as a result of hazardous materials at their workplace.

Michigan passed the Michigan Right-to-Know law, also called the Hazard Communication Standard, in 1985. This law requires employers to provide their employees with information about the hazardous materials that they work with, as well as how they can protect themselves. Furthermore, the law says that all hazardous substances must have warning labels listing storage instructions, effects of mishandling and type of hazard. Additionally, every material must be accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that fully expands upon the information listed on the material’s label.

As a personal injury lawyer, Giffels Law wants every employee to know that this information is to be provided to them on an unrestricted basis. Your employer cannot redact, remove or limit your ability to read this information, nor can they restrict your ability to take reasonable safety precautions when handling hazardous materials.

If you’ve suffered a medical complication due to the handling of hazardous materials at your place of work, a personal injury attorney can help you determine how to best pursue your case. At Giffels Law, we’ve been involved in Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Law since 1988. We can help you fight to gain the compensation that you are entitled to: wage loss, medical and rehabilitation costs. Whether or not you believe you have a case, if you’ve suffered and injury – or incurred medical costs – while performing your duties on the job, contact Attorney James Giffels Law to discuss your options.

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