If you have parents, grandparents or relatives that are transitioning into a nursing home, it’s important that you learn about their rights. As they may be unable to remember or understand them, you must act as their first line of protection against nursing home abuse and neglect. Whether they are being denied the opportunity to remain active or they are being physically abused, your loved ones have very clearly defined rights and, should those rights be violated, it is up to you to step in. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a handful of the rights that nursing home residents have.

Right to be free from discrimination

While nursing homes aren’t required to accept all tenants, they do have to adhere to strict laws about discrimination.

Right to be free from restraints

Nursing home staff are not allowed to utilize physical or pharmaceutical restraints as a disciplinary measure, this includes adding rails to beds and administering sedatives to agitated residents.

Right to proper medical care

Nursing home residents have a wealth of rights regarding their medical care. From participating in care decisions to selecting a primary doctor, it’s essential to be aware of your loved ones’ medical options.

Right to lodge complaints

Residents have the right to file complaints about the staff or care facilities at their nursing home without the threat of punishment or reprisal.

Right to be free from abuse and neglect

Most importantly, your loved one has the right to live without being abused or neglected. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a depressingly common occurrence and the only way to properly address it is through the legal system. At Giffels Law, we believe in defending the most defenseless and vulnerable members of our society. As a firm, our overarching mission is to help the helpless seek recourse and vindication through the legal system. If you suspect that your loved ones are being abused or neglected in their nursing home, call us today to take the first step toward getting them the help that they need.

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