A report issued in 2013 shows that there is a direct correlation between using a cell phone while behind the wheel and car accidents. It is truly important for an auto accident attorney to uncover the reason for an auto accident that has caused death or serious injury. Any and all data compiled will help build a case for stricter punishments and more investigations, which will help keep everyone safer while they’re on the road.

Through the study, researchers were able to determine that about 25% of all car accidents involve cell phone use. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get an accurate number because many drivers will not admit to cell phone use as well as accident reports not being thorough enough. There are serious ramifications to not accurately reporting cell phone related accidents. They skew statistics and statistics are critical in regards to influencing legislation. Beyond that, it undermines media and other safety campaigns.

In Michigan, only teens are barred from cell-phone use completely, while adult drivers are only barred from texting while driving. Many people feel the fines are much too low for being ticketed for texting and driving. To really make a change in the number of accidents caused by cell phones, all cell phone use should be prohibited for all drivers. There should also be much stiffer penalties for violating the no cell phone law.

At Giffels Law Office in Kalamazoo, we are all too familiar with the often tragic results that come from distracted driving – particularly with the use of cell phones. This is becoming more and more of a problem as the number of cell phone users grows. Law makers must do more to help save Michigan driver’s lives. If you or someone you love was injured by a distracted driver, contact us today and we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive all compensation you deserve.

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